Boxes and Coasters

Lots of beautiful boxes available! Various sizes and shapes from gorgeous hand oiled woods. These are wonderful gifts and can be personalized with a special figure or word(s) on top. Perfect for birthdays, holidays, graduations, weddings or other special occasions!
Most boxes are about 1.5" tall, and 3" - 6" wide/long. Ask about specific dimensions if you wonder about a particular piece. Prices range from $30 - $90, depending on the complexity of the piece. A set of 4 coasters is $30 - $45, depending on the wood and design.
For a really special touch, add a few words inside a box. Words are about 1/2" tall. Any word you'd like - good wishes for a gift recipient or qualities or attributes you notice in the person. A sweet addition to any box - $2 per word, up to 8 letters. Slightly more for longer words.

Email:       Phone:  360-771-1220     Amboy, WA

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